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In my opinion positive thinking brings positive results!!

It’s my opinion, if people focus on bad things, IE: war, world financial troubles, racism, greed, etc. that brings about more of those type things. I further believe everyone needs to keep up to date with whats going on in the world but not dwell on things you don’t want. Also I believe, it’s my opinion, if people focus on good things, IE: love, peace, happiness and goodwill, that will bring about more good thru-out the world. UFO Joe


Join UFO Joe, week nights LIVE, @ 8:30 pm to 9 pm E.S.T. where relaxing/smiles happen! Kick back, enjoy the show!!

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena… What Happened to U.F.O’s?

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Interesting News Articles

Note:Interesting news article links on this website are solely the opinions of the author(s)and are not necessarily the opinions of Your UFO Radio

1-27-24 A white triangle flying over the Moon and cast a shadow

1-15-2024 Amateur Astronomer captures on video, lights from alien bases on the Moon

1-14-2024 Interdimensional Beings Secret Information About Reality – Read at Your Own Risk

10-30-23–Ancient Underground Labyrinth Discovered in Egypt: ‘Contains 3000 Rooms With Hieroglyphs’

108-23 Mind Bending Revelation by Montauk Project Insider about Transplanting the Soul into a another Body

9-24-23 Area 51 Caller During Radio Show – Aliens are actually extra dimensional beings


7-2-23 High Level Security Clearance Whistleblower Exposes Secret Extraterrestrial Agenda

6-25-23 Second species of Coneheads Humanoid Beings Rule The World Financially From The Vatican

Sightings, abduction, lost time, planet X aka Nibiru, Incoming Asteroids, Comets, Pole Shift, Solar C.M.E., Earth Quakes, Volcanic Eruptions.

Note:Interesting news article links on this website are solely the opinions of the author(s)and are not necessarily the opinions of Your UFO Radio

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